Welcome to TNIU Week 2023

With the vision to strengthen collaborations with its Nordic counterparts on innovation and sustainability, the Royal Thai Embassies in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Helsinki, thus, jointly established the Thailand-Nordic Countries Innovation Unit (TNIU) as a mechanism to promote such collaborations between Thailand and the Nordic counterparts.

This week, TNIU is celebrating our one year anniversary of the Unit. We would like to highlight the outstanding innovation aspects from each Nordic countries which are known for being leaders in green innovation, education, quality of life, and sustainability while connecting with the challenges in Thailand.

The objective of TNIU week is to exchange knowledge and promote further collaboration opportunities between both Thailand and Nordic countries in order to drive sustainable development.

Whether you are a startup, corporate, civil society, ecosystem builders, media academia or a government agency, please come and join us and be a part of the innovation journey to better our society!


Accelerating Climate Action Through Global Partnership
26 September 2023

27 September 2023

Cultivating Sustainability : Tackling Emissions
From Agriculture
28 September 2023 – Live

Innovative Banking and ESG Bond for Sustainable Future
29 September 2023

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