The Nordic countries, specifically Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, are known for being leaders in green innovation, education, quality of life, and sustainability. With the vision to strengthen collaborations with its Nordic counterparts on innovation and sustainability, the Royal Thai Embassies in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Helsinki, thus, jointly established the Thailand-Nordic Countries Innovation Unit (TNIU) as a mechanism to promote such collaborations between Thailand and the Nordic counterparts.

Lately, Thailand has been promoting the Bio-Circular-Green Economy, or BCG Model, to push forward sustainable development. Innovation is the core driving force of this economic model. With the strength of the Nordic countries in innovation and sustainability, they become Thailand’s natural partners for sustainable development, green transition, and innovation. TNIU will respond to these demands for collaborations.

Moreover, it will open doors to more investment opportunities and create innovation partnership between all stakeholders. 

Since April 2022, TNIU has launched Facebook page and created an online community to stimulate discussion on innovation partnership between Thailand and the Nordic region. Since then, TNIU has assisted in many projects, such as helping the Thai private sector in finding its partnerships in the Nordic countries, supporting collaboration efforts between the Thai and Nordic academic departments, and organizing webinars with the aim to promoting the exchange of knowledge between Thailand and the Nordic countries.


1.Knowledge exchange facilitator
We collect information on innovation news from the public, private, and academic spheres that are relevant to sustainable development, including those that aligns with the Bio-Circular Green Economy vision of the Thai government. The TNIU is to publicize the relevant agencies and find opportunities to drive cooperation that will benefit Thailand. The consideration of issues of interest will be determined by each embassy

2. Business pitching facilitator
To facilitate the information exchange when organizing business pitching events in different Nordic countries. The unit will also enable Thai Start-ups an opportunity to scale up in Nordic countries. 

3. Opportunity explorer
To participate in various innovation communities in the Nordic region, and to promote access to academic departments, business stakeholders, and startups. 

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